You expect round-the-clock availability from your voice, meetings, and collaboration provider, but not all cloud-based vendors can deliver. How do you make sure you’re choosing the right solution?

Look for companies with guaranteed uptime in their service level agreements. Ask about data centers for redundancy and proven scalability. Physical and technical security at every data center and product level are also critical—ask how your potential vendor protects your data. If your vendor won’t discuss these concerns, that should be a warning sign.

Over 350,000 organizations rely on RingCentral’s geographically dispersed and redundant data centers for 24/7 communications. Its network is designed to ensure the highest quality of service, reliability, scalability, and security.

To understand more reliability in your cloud communications provider, download RingCentral’s High Availability brief.

Let me fill you in on the important things to look for in a cloud communications solution and how you can rely on RingCentral. Let’s chat!