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The security of your business and its data is probably one of the most important things to you. Are you taking unnecessary risks with your company’s data or the data of your customers? When was the last time you updated your security protocols?

Our security experts can assess your current security infrastructure and determine if you’re at risk.

A multi-faceted approach to security can be the difference between staying afloat and losing everything. Forbes suggests five ways to better protect your business from cyber-attacks:

  • Train Employees — Create a cybersecurity policy for your business; it should include protocol in case of a breach.
  • Update Computers — Always install updates on all company devices including mobile.
  • Create Backups — Regularly backup info on computers; important data/documents should have a copy stored separately.
  • Limit Access – Unauthorized people should not have access to company computers and networks.
  • Secure WiFi – Secure your WiFi so only employees can access it.

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