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Considering SD-WAN for your organization? I thought it might be helpful for me to share how Metrotel Networks helped a healthcare company streamline management of branch locations and improved network performance with SD-WAN.

The Problem

A nationwide medical group with a main campus and 20 satellite locations was utilizing fiber to the campus and relying on low-bandwidth, high-cost T1s at all satellite locations in its MPLS configuration.

The lack of bandwidth to branch sites was crippling access to large medical records and images from the main campus. Additional layers of security added onto the branches’ networks for HIPAA compliance further lagged the connection. The branch locations relied on a single connection to the main campus, resulting in a single point of failure.

The Solution

The medical group supplemented its existing infrastructure with coax at all sites, adding a second layer of reliability and alleviating network congestion. With the incorporation of dual links at each site, SD-WAN automatically selects the optimal path to route traffic for improved packet delivery. In the event of a circuit disruption, the network now automatically fails over. Further improvements to the network were achieved with a network-based firewall to complement the SD-WAN and transition the management of security configurations to the main campus from the individual branch sites.

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