Increasing customer expectations. New competitive threats. Constant industry disruption. The pace of change is accelerating; is your business struggling to keep up? Agile enterprises are turning to cloud-based network service technologies not just to survive, but to thrive in the cloud.

As an authorized Solutions Provider of Comcast Business, you can work with me on all your technology needs, including SD-WAN.

What is SD-WAN?

  • Stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking.
  • SD-WAN adds a control layer on top of an existing network, simplifying the deployment of WAN services across all locations.
  • Because SD-WAN is software-based, basic network services such as VPN, firewall and routing can run over any type of network connection.
ActiveCoreSM is the SDN platform from Comcast Business. ActiveCore is “network agnostic” and has the capacity to deliver network management efficiencies across an entire enterprise regardless of your network vendor.

How’s your network performing today? Let’s ensure that it supports your organization’s needs as you continue your digital transformation. Let’s set up a time to discuss in the next week or so. You can request a specific time simply by replying to this email or follow the link below.